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iAccess Technologies

iAccess Technologies, Inc. (iAccess) offers products and engineering services for a variety of commercial and military aircraft. iAccess provides a full range of aircraft system solutions as well as LRU systems design. iAccess is committed to offering the best technical solutions within budget and schedule.

iAccess is a leader in Embedded Software Development and Support for both highly regulated avionics platforms governed by the standards outlined in RTCA/DO-178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems, and their supporting simulation environments. iAccess has also developed numerous tools that are used to develop and/or test avionics software.

More about us

iAccess Technologies provides airborne avionics solutions at an affordable cost. Typically, these solutions include supporting the development and integration of a wide range of avionics products. This integration includes the development and certification of high integrity software and hardware. Areas of expertise include avionics systems that support cockpit upgrades, communications systems, and navigation and guidance technologies.

Core competencies include software and hardware design, LRU design and simulation, and systems integration.

iAccess Technologies can provide detailed analysis of many types of data buses as well as detailed avionics architecture design. This includes FPGA design, development, and testing of integrated electronics. In addition, iAccess will develop the required avionics interface documentation as well as an analysis of aircraft wire routing and LRU connectivity.

iAccess Technologies has the resources and capability to provide full flight deck simulation including multiple cockpit layouts. This capability also includes designing customized desktop trainers to full motion cockpit simulators. In addition, iAccess Technologies can also develop and integrate customized software.

iAccess Technologies has experience in developing customized MSG-3 maintenance programs for various types of aircraft. In addition, iAccess Technologies can provide CNS/ATM solutions for C-130's and L-100 type aircrafts as well as commercial fleets. Leveraging success in these areas, iAccess Technologies can provide customized and integrated solutions for regional, international, and military fleets.

Our Technology Expertise

  • Design and develop hardware and software interface to any military or commercial platform
  • Eliminate Obsolelescence
  • Enhance Situational Awareness
  • Simple to fully integrated solutions
  • LRU Hardware and Software Design
  • "Next Gen" Requirements and Software Implementation
  • Surveillance and Safety Mandates
  • ADS-B in/out & Data Link Integration
  • Autopilot and Air Data System Integration
  • Design and Develop On-board Communication Systems
  • Communication Software Design and Integration
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi and Satcom Software Integration
  • Flexibile Configurations
  • Satellite Communication Design and Development
  • Data Links (RTIC, JREAP, etc.)
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) Avionics Integration
  • Circuit design at the board level
  • I/O design and configuration at the box level
  • LCD design
  • Attitude/heading and air data system design
  • Processor system design
  • Power Supply Design and Integration
  • Software/hardware integration at the circuit board level
  • Operaing system and application code design and integration
  • Aircraft system simulator design and integration
  • Electromagnetic Interference/Compatability (EMI/EMC) analysis
  • Radio Frequency(RF) management integration